Today is the long awaited launch of the FITSPLURGE THERMAL BODYSHAPER. Our signature product for tackling abdominal fat. If you are connected to us via any of our social media platforms, or subscribed to our newsletter, you would have received details for the launch prior to this time.

The virtual launch just kicked off on our Instagram and Facebook platforms.

After losts of research and brainstorming, we are so delighted to unveil this product today that can still function in combination with or without exercise.

It amplifies your bodily movements so no effort is wasted. Even the most minute movements you make are targeted and redirected as thermal energy to the targeted areas, helping you burn more fat in those areas.

The concept of Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis has been explained in detail via many studies, which informed
this idea of translating kinetic energy to thermal energy to produce desired outcomes, thus even with very little work, the body is still able to lose fat at the targeted areas.

However, best results are achieved when combined with appropriate lifestyle modifications including choosing the right foods and exercise. What this means is that you can cut down belly fat faster depending on the amount of tension the fat cells are exposed to and direct reduction of fat accumulation via appropriate measures.

The FITSPLURGE THERMAL BODYSHAPER is very flexible and adaptable to the curves of the body, thus making it very suitable to work and perform complex actions with. It does not deform, it does not contour, gives you room to breathe normally even while helping you to target belly fat.

The one adverse effect is increased perspiration especially at the targeted areas. This is something you should take note of especially when wearing it under your garments to go on with non-exercise activities.

It is also not advised to use over cuts, wounds, inflammation, bruises, sutures, inhaled scars, abrasions, etc.

Also not suitable for people experiencing any form of hyperthermia including fever. Best to be used at room temperature with normal body temperature levels.

Our launch promo has thus been rolled out which allows you to buy the FITSPLURGE THERMAL BODYSHAPER for just N7500 throughout the duration of the promo. The promo ends in exactly 7 days.
Also, our referral and distributorship plans allow you to earn when you refer a client to purchase and buy at discounted prices to resell respectively.
You can earn up to 10% by just redirecting interested buyers.

To get details about this and more, send a mail to with the subject “Affiliate”.
Alternatively, send a message via any of our social media platforms for assistance.

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